11 April 2008

Adspots and Airline Urinals

A friend of mine who lives in Canada has a contest on her blog. If you know plenty of Canadian trivia, then try to answer it here. Who knows, you might win an adspot in her blog.

Anyway, I found this joke online. It is about the difference of men and women when it comes to using the toilet in aircraft. Due to the high level of appearance of airlines on the news these days, I decided to lighten up things and post a joke here.

When you consider that a women using a toilet...

1. Enters toilet and immediately looks for a disposable hygiene toilet seat cover
2. If no disposable toilet seat cover supplied opens bag and searches through contents to find the cover she carries for emergencies
3. Empties contents of bag on the shelf in the process of searching for disposable toilet seat cover
4. Places cover over seat
5. Puts everything back in bag
6. Checks that there is a supply of toilet paper and quality is acceptable
7. Not satisfied with quality of toilet paper provided or finding none left, searches handbag for the small supply she carries for emergencies
8. Repeats process at 3 and 5 again
9. Ignores banging on door
10. Undoes her clothing and notices a stain which she then decides to try to clean
11. Runs water to remove stain on clothing
12. Does business
13. Flushes loo
14. Proceeds to wash her hands and checks quality of soap provided
15. Repeats process at 3 and 5 again in search of her favourite brand of soap
16. Checks mirror for her appearance and any unsightly marks
17. Repeat process at 3 and 5 again in search of make-up
18. Applies make-up
19. Ignores banging on door
20. Brushes her hair
21. Decides her handbag could be better organised and rearranges it
22. Repeats process at 3 and 5 above again
23. As banging on door become louders shouts that she is busy
24. Takes paper towel to clean up spills by basin and splashes on the mirror
25. Folds disposable toilet seat cover and puts in thrash bin
26. Decides that a spray of perfume might disguise any unpleasant smell
27. Looks in handbag for her perfume
28. Repeats process at 3 and 5 again
29. Satisfied that the toilet looks tidy, proceeds to leave, but finds lock difficult to open
30. Struggles with lock without success
31. Summons cabin crew to unlock door from outside

Time elapsed since entered toilet = 15 minutes 45 seconds

Men and urinals on the other hand...

1. Approaches urinal
2. Unzips flies
3. Pees
4. Zip up flies
5. Walks away

Time elapsed = 15 seconds

Now, tell me what's wrong with the picture. What did the woman forget to do? If you notice that, then I am amazed.

By the way, here's a little secret. I am naked under my clothes.

(Dark Glass Sculpture, from my Corning Glass Series)


  1. The woman forget to lower the toilet sit after the guy, didn't she?

    I'm this kind of woman... you should see how much stuffs I carry in my bag. BUT my husband always use my stuffs, so I guess I'm smarter!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog contest. Got your answers but I have to moderate everything for now, just to fair... but don't worry, I got them!

  2. Zhu,

    No. Something more important than that. You should know this...

  3. I swear I'm a woman but... I don't have a clue!

  4. She forgot to redo her clothing?!

  5. i was intrigued by that last question. Did she forget to wipe up? Please tell me the answer or i may not be able to sleep tonight...hehe...-Jem ^_^

  6. Jem,

    Yes, she forgot to redo her clothing! Kung gusto mong sagutin kita, magpakilala ka!