23 April 2008

Conflict of Interest

I hate that phrase.

Conflict of interest. It sounds so diplomatic jargon, and I hate it.

The fact is, something is brewing with regard to my future. I think it will be a great development, and for that, I am excited. If that happens, then I would know what I will be doing about a year from now.

However, the fact is, not everyone is completely happy with the decision. Including one of the faculty in the department. It is a two-edged sword, I suppose. The good edge means that I get the means to support myself for my fifth year (currently, I only have a contract that guarantees funding for me for four years, and I have one year left). It also is a good experience to work in a lab environment. However, the bad edge means that there is some conflict of interest.

What am I to do? I understand that I am not in a position yet to choose what is scientifically wrong or right. Given the fact that I am still a student, not someone who has tenure, then my decisions will be influenced by whether I can support myself or not in a certain endeavor. Maslow comes to mind. There are needs, plenty of them. But not all needs are equal, some must be satisfied more than others.

I need to think, I need to contemplate.

Anyway, if I get tired of contemplating, I possibly would pick up my book and read for the moment. I finished reading Dupont Circle, and I enjoyed it immensely. The author had a neat job tying up the lives of three different couples. So I returned that and picked up a new book, entitled Tokyo Year Zero, by David Peace. I just started it now, and I have to say, the writing style is hard.

(Round Glass Art, from my Corning Glass Series)


  1. It's really hard to make everyone happy... you sound like a nice person, I'm sure you didn't mean to create a conflict of interest. Hope you can solve that...

    (Your ad IS working.. I was so tired last night, man, I was slow! Thanks for being patient with me)

  2. I don't know exactly what this is about but I do I know that you're an intelligent and upright person and I am sure that you will make the right decision LIW.