26 April 2008

A Feminine Equation

1) They say that in order to find a woman, you need time and money.

2) Therefore, let woman = (time x money)

3) They also say that time is money, so

4) time = money

5) Therefore woman = (money x money)

6) woman = (money)2

7) They also say that money is the root of all problems, so

8) money = root(problems)

9) If you multiply the root of all problems by itself, thereby squaring it, you get the following equation

10) (root(problems))2 = (money)2

11) Doing so cancels the square root on problems, therefore, the ultimate conclusion is

12) woman = problems

(Glass Screen, from my Corning Glass Series)

1 comment:

  1. hahaha ....di ka naman kaya ma tag nyan na woman hater. hehehe