22 April 2008

Final Week

I am happy. I am in bloom. I am joyous.

The final days of the semester are treading by, and unlike other semesters, they are not getting into my nerves. Happily, I attack them.

The thing is, I have three classes this semester, add to that the class that I teach. Add to that the qualifying paper. But, I have already submitted a first draft for my qualifying paper, so that is out of the picture. I already finished and submitted the final paper for my Field Methods class, so that is also out of the picture. And I don't have any more homeworks for my Quantitative Methods in Linguistics class, so that is also out of the picture.

The only remaining class is my Advanced Statistics Methods class, of which there is a final test this Thursday. A big one. It covers regression, multi-factorial repeated measures designs, and correlation. I think I know the material like I know the back of my hand, but I still do not want to be over-confident, since that would be the road to death, in any endeavor.

So I have been reviewing my notes everyday since a few days ago. I already have conceptualized the formulas, and so I know what the difference between my sum-of-squares and error components in my analysis of regression table.

I am ready to move on. Just take this final test, and then go. I can't wait.

On a larger scale, I can't wait for the next year to begin, so that I can finish it as well. Four more classes to go next year, and then my coursework will be over.

Funny, that sometimes I feel like I just arrived here, when in fact, I have been living here for quite a while now.

(Glass Chandelier, from my Corning Glass Series)


  1. hey, daming updates dito ah. obvious na ang tagal ko ng di nakapag-bloghop.

    bahrain's hospitals have good facilities & well qualified doctors naman, especially dun sa US-run hospital where I have my checkups. pero iba pa rin dito sa pinas. mas maaalagaan ako & the baby by my family & H's family.

    tuloy ba vacation trip mo? i'm so eager to see the pics. tc! :)

  2. Pao,

    Yes, prolific talaga akong mag-update.

    And yes, tuloy na tuloy ang bakasyon ko. I already reconfirmed everything, all I need is to show up at the airport.