08 April 2008


So, I found one of the professors for my class today, and I turned in my paper. I told him that he could treat that as the final draft, and grade it accordingly, or he could treat it as a first draft, and if he finds things that are questionable, and he wants me to revise it, then I would gladly do so, at the end of the semester.

So there. The main motivation for turning my term paper early is to get it out of the way. I have to take care of Magnus, and Magnus needs to grow and be delivered by the end of this semester. And the thing is, as long as I don't turn my term paper (the mini-baby), I find things to add, endlessly, because I don't have a shortage of data for this paper.

Now that I have turned it in, I can therefore focus completely on my qualifying paper. Finally, I will get to spend quality time with Magnus. I have everything I need, including the final results of the regression analysis that I did, and all I need to do is to write it up.

Yesterday, I have been talking with a friend, as to whether she has been to a certain part of the United States. The reason was because I was contemplating of planning a small escape (similar to the one I did last December to Washington DC) next winter. I know, winter has just ended and I am already planning for the next one.

So the conversation took a turn, and it looks like I will be doing a road trip! Where? Of course, I am not saying where, at this moment. You all know me by now, I like putting the element of surprise and suspense to my readers. But the main point of this trip is to escape the winter for a while, so that can give a clue as to which general area we are heading. And the more people that goes, the cheaper, so I am planning this with two other people.

Anyway, enough of that for the moment. Time to spend some quality time with Magnus.

(Green Swirls, from my Corning Glass Series)

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