02 April 2008

Women, Babies, and Mini-Babies

The final four weeks of the semester are pushing in. And I am getting extremely busy.

So, it is just a few minutes after noon, and already, I have done quite some work. But my day started in the company of women.

This morning, while riding the elevator in O'Brian Hall that would take me to the sixth floor in my office, I had two women inside the elevator car with me. Apparently, they knew each other, and I found their behavior peculiar, or rather, extraordinary.

Woman 1: Hi! (extra-rising intonation) How are you?
Woman 2: Fine! (extra-rising intonation as well) And you?
Woman 1: I'm doing good! Not bad!

Why do they need to raise their pitch and have this drastic intonation pattern? If I were the one talking to them, I would think that the other person thinks that I am a baby.

Woman 2: I love your jacket! (extra-long vowel on love)
Woman 1: Oh really? (extra-long vowel on really) Thanks! I love your nails!

C'mon, I don't care whether you ladies love your jacket or nails, but you two sound so vain. Especially if you prolong your vowels so love sounds more like loooooooooooooooooooove and really sounds more like reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyy.

Anyway, so they got off, and I finally reached my floor. I turned my computer on, and then I saw my adviser. He said that he wanted to see me, and I said that I wanted to see him too. He asked me for my baby, and I said that I will give a draft before the semester ends. And speaking of my baby, I told him that I ran my data on a binary logistic regression model, and somehow it validates my claim. So I will incorporate that into my paper, and so my paper will be longer. We also talked about the identity of the second reader of my paper, and we somehow have decided on it.

Aside from that, I am also doing progress on my other projects for the semester. I am currently writing a mini-baby, I mean, a paper, but not a big research paper, for a class, and I already have 8 single-spaced pages of it, complete with prose, examples, and diagrams.

So there, the semester is getting busy, and I cannot wait until I take that vacation. I have 35 days to go.

(Times Square at Night, from my New York City Series)

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