05 May 2008

The Clan Is Mobile

Surprisingly, every member of my immediate family is traveling this week. Not that we planned it that way, but it simply happened that way.

Of course, everyone now knows that I have an upcoming vacation this Friday. I will be leaving Buffalo this Friday for a 12-day stint down in South America.

My sister, on the other hand, who is now based in New Jersey, also has a trip. She has a business trip and she is heading down to North Carolina for a few days. She will be back in New Jersey in time for the two of us to have dinner before I leave for my flight.

My parents, who are currently stationed in Prague, are also moving. They are being transferred to Budapest, and so they will take a flight this week.

This makes me realize that somehow, my family is rather atypical. Not a lot of families are as mobile as we are. I guess it makes me grateful, that I have this life, and that I am fortunate to be able to travel and see the world. I have friends back in Manila who haven't even rode an airplane, who haven't even had the chance to have an international stamp on their passport, let alone have a passport.

So there, various members of my family will be up in the air this week. Exciting.

(Amazing Pools, from my Watkins Glen Series)

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