06 May 2008

Home-Brewed Psychobabble

Nothing much happens today. Just some old spring cleaning. Now that I am done grading my students, I decided to do some cleaning in the office. But not before sleeping until 11:00 AM in the morning.

It was a wonderful feeling, sleeping in like that. Well, for one, one gets to skip one meal. Breakfast turned out to be lunch, and lunch turned out to be non-existent. Such a weird feeling, being self-actualized by means of a longer sleeping period.

So I went to the office, perhaps, my shortest stay in the office ever. I came in, cleaned my drawers, and threw away things I didn't need anymore. I filed away the papers and other documents that I needed to file away, and returned the other stuff that I needed to return to other people.

Maybe I am a dysfunctional person, being over-organized and all that. People sometimes envy me for my programmatic behavior. The fact that my mind sometimes acts like a computer, with an inbox and an outbox.

So there, I got two out of three grades so far. And so far I am keeping my spic-and-span GPA. I hope to keep it that way. I also put away the folders that I don't need anymore, and I filed away the notes that I made for the classes that I took for this ending semester. The semester is indeed finally over. I already submitted my students' grades, and they are already up for viewing. I wonder what my evaluations look like this time around. Hopefully they are better than the previous one.

So there, some home-brewed psychobabble for you. Nothing much is happening in this corner of the world, I wonder how your corner is doing. Well, plenty of activities are in schedule later this week, you already know what they are, just look forward for the upcoming pictures.

(Fall of Water, from my Watkins Glen Series)

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