30 June 2008


So, my watch stopped today. It stopped at 5:03 AM. So when I put it on my wrist on my way to school this morning, it was there, not pulsing, dead. I hate it!

Maybe it is the battery, or maybe it is something else. I had the battery changed last year, I suppose, so that may be the problem. Or maybe it was because two weeks ago, I was rained on very hard, and some moisture got inside, so it clouded the glass window.

So there, I had to put my Seiko Macchina Sportiva away for the moment, until when I have the time to visit the watch shop and see whether I need a new battery or a new watch. Come to think of it, I got it ten years ago, in Japan, when I was just 16.

I suppose the fact that I do not have a watch at the moment makes me feel naked. You know, that feeling that somehow I lost control of time, that I won't be able to tell time by just by surreptitiously glancing at your arm, which won't even take a few milliseconds of your time, just a simple glance, and that's it! You're back in time.

Now, I have to take out my cell phone from my pocket in order to tell the time. Funny, but not having my wristwatch makes me conscious of how many times I look at my wrist to tell the time. I guess I have been doing it quite a lot, since now that I don't have it, I still do that gesture, and get disappointed of course. Not having my watch there makes me notice the action.

So there, I feel naked, incomplete, vulnerable. I better head to the watch shop and see whether they can fix it. In the meantime, I am here enjoying Bela Bartok's string quartets, given the fact that I have no pressing thing that I have to deal with, since I finished my paper revision by yesterday.

(Take the Plunge, from my Watkins Glen Series)

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  1. Funny that both students and teachers really need a watch. I really miss mine if it's broken or if I forget it at home... checking the time on the cell just isn't the same.

    I always go by the clock. Many people don't understand that, because when you work in an office, it usually doesn't really matter if you're then minutes late, or if you sneak out of the office to go to an appointment. I can't do that. I have to be in the classroom at all time, and it's sometimes tricky to find the time to make an appt. at the bank or to go for job interviews!