10 August 2008

I Don't Have the Biggest Breast in Yemen

I am just baffled by the different ways people find my blog. Looking at my tracker script gives me the laughs whenever I see some weird search queries that people used to find me.

I suppose the biggest theme of inappropriate search queries people use to find me have something to do with breasts. They like to search about breasts! And people from all over the world do it! Even in supposedly traditional countries, like Saudi Arabia. I suppose people from there have libido as well.

Some recent examples, I have a search from Egypt wanting "big breasts for me" and found my blog. I don't offer big breasts, lady. If you want an augmentation, look elsewhere. On the other hand, someone from Djibouti searched for the biggest breast in Yemen and found my blog. Why would you want to know the biggest breast in Yemen?

There's more. Someone in Asheville, North Carolina wanted to find out about mermaids with big breasts, so he went to my site. What's with the breasts? They're just fat storage.

Some serious-minded people think I know everything there is about EVAT, which is some tax in the Philippines. So they find me using queries on disadvantages of evat philippines as a keyword. Unfortunately, I cannot offer help.

Some just blow my mind. Someone in Australia wants to know how to say I am stupid in Tagalog. What for? Another weird one is someone from the Netherlands wanting to know about ratatatata dance 2008, and thus found my blog.

What can I say? People search the weirdest things.

(Middle Falls, from my Letchworth Park Series)

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