19 August 2008

Next-Generation Flying

With all the changes in the flying experience today, one can just think of what else airlines would do just in order to stay afloat. It used to be the case that airlines would serve meals on board, have pillows and blankets, and have other amenities like being able to check luggage in for free. However, nowadays, it is not the case anymore.

Here in the United States, it now costs money to check bags, something that used to be free before. Meals are non-existent at all, and there are times that beverages are also being served for a fee. And there is this rumor that one airline will remove trans-Atlantic meal services altogether, replacing it with a buy-on-board program, selling expensive meals while in-flight.

Yes, part of it is due to the high price of gas. But why is it that other airlines in other parts of the world are still able to deliver a better product, while those here in the United States cannot? I suppose I do not fully understand the economics of the aviation industry; after all, I am not an expert in the field.

I suppose the above video illustrates what is going on right now. Watch it for a laugh.

(Yellow Leafy Road, from my Letchworth Park Series)

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