27 August 2008

Sick Sarcasm

There are plenty of reasons why I am not blogging religiously lately is because I am down with a cold. Yeah, it is time for my regular cold infection. I cannot remember the last time I had one; the most memorable one was last year's August cold infection, when I actually went to a doctor since it wouldn't seem to go away. My sister told me over the phone that I had a cold last winter too, but I honestly do not remember that.

Anyway, I figured I am getting a cold this time since last Saturday, my throat started to ache. And sure enough, yesterday, I got the sniffles. I am in drugs, so hopefully, this goes away pretty soon.

To change the topic, one thing I realized lately is that I seldom get sarcasm. I realized this because I caught myself wondering why some people were laughing but I wasn't. As if there was a private joke. So I looked online and found some interesting sarcasm tutorials.

One example is that video. Wow. It is either a moron, nut job, or sarcasm. Anyway, one can also find examples of meta-sarcasm in that website as well.

So yeah, apparently I do not get sarcasm as much as other people do. That became apparent in the last few days. I will probably work on that for the time being.

(Trickling Water, from my Letchworth Park Series)

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