05 September 2008

It's So Puerile It's Not Funny

I am amazed that sometimes, people who are supposed to be mature and adult-like do not act like one. It's as if people are still in high school.

There have been events in the department lately that made me think that way. The thing is, I have a close-knit set of friends. We do things together from time to time. Apparently, the fact that it is a large group makes it look like we are exclusive, elitist, and snobs. Apparently that is because some people are not part of this group.

But then, don't we have the freedom to choose who we hang out with? Don't we have the freedom to choose who are friends are? I would not bend over backwards just to gain a new friend. I would not go out of my way just to satisfy some people, who I may not be on good terms. I do not have the obligation to invite everybody I know, just to pretend that we are all warm and fuzzy with each other.

I have my friends, and I have the freedom to spend my time just with them. If people feel excluded, then sorry, but I suppose they are not as close to me as I am with other people.

Friendship is a delicate thing. A good friendship I suppose is one that can be sustained even if one don't have a chance to talk to the other person for months. I went overseas for quite some time this past summer, and so was my other friend, and we didn't mind not talking to each other for quite a while. That didn't mean that I am not friends with her anymore.

I went to some nature location this past weekend with a bunch of friends. I didn't invite one of my other friends, because we already went there last year, and so I didn't figure that the person would be interested. Now the funny thing is that other people observing us thought that it was weird that I did not invite this person to this gig.

Oh jeez, people are reading too much into this. I just am amazed that people have the time in their hands to gossip and murmur about other people. Humans are supposedly rational beings, but this is totally in the opposite direction.

(Splash and Mist, from my Letchworth Park Series)

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  1. Ah, friends relationship... it is fragile and misunderstandings happen. I lost a few friends because what I consider was puerile things.