04 September 2008

Leave My Medulla Oblongata Alone

I never expected to learn a lot about the human brain functions when I decided to major in linguistics. But apparently I am learning a lot about it right now, since I am taking a course on neurolinguistics, and this week's topic was about neuroanatomy. So today I learned about the different parts of the brain, including the four different lobes, the fissures, the gyri, the sulci, the pons, different types of cortex, and tons of other things. And I find it so fascinating, that I didn't imagine I would actually be doing this in a linguistics class.

And guess what? I could actually dissect a real human brain next week! I am so excited.

I suppose fascination on the human brain runs in the family. I remember my sister, who majored in psychology in undergrad, took pictures of her handling real human brains a few years ago. And now, I get to dissect one! It also reminded me of a popular scolding tactic my parents used, when they told us children to use our brains. That was when we were being naughty.

Anyway, aside from that, nothing else is quite interesting as that event. It is already the half of the second week, and I am already full-speed in working. I have my projects moving, and I already have possible paper topics for both of my seminars. I will start working in the psycholinguistics lab next week as well, so that should be fun too. I wonder how the new students of Psych 101 are when doing our experiments.

Anyway, it is getting late, and I have an abstract to finish, so I suppose I will end this post here.

(Splash Version 2.0, from my Letchworth Park Series)

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