02 September 2008


I have a weird task. I need to buy lollipops for the class that I am a teaching assistant for. The professor asked me to buy for her lollipops for the class. Apparently this is so that we could understand how phonetics works.

Now this could be interesting. I suppose this pertains to what the oral positions are whenever people pronounce specific sounds in a language. I just didn't experiment with lollipops, since I don't like them myself. Somehow, the idea of sucking on something with a handle doesn't appeal to me too much.

In other areas, I have already talked to a professor of mine about possible paper topics for the seminar that I am taking. There are a couple of ideas that I can pursue, so I am happy that at least I have an idea I can work on.

I need to finish coloring my brain. I worked on that quite a lot yesterday, and so I need to finish it by next week.

So there, the second week is here, and there are thirteen weeks to go. It's not that I am counting since I am so ready for Winter Break, but rather, it is amazing how things immediately get busy and now I have plenty of things to do on my plate.

(Splash, from my Letchworth Park Series)


  1. kuya kala ko ba Research Assistant ka ngayon at di TA

  2. Nanay,

    Well, hindi pa dumarating yung professor na dapat RA ako. He still hasn't gotten his working visa (he is Portuguese). So, I have a different interim assignment, until he comes to town.

  3. Can I have the extra lollipop? Not to eat, of course, just to understand phonetics :$

  4. Zhu,

    Apparently this is in order to understand how the tongue moves when we say different vowels. You will need a flat one, and the stick will be an extension of the tongue. Do not hold the stick as you pronounce different vowels like /a/ or /i/ and see how the stick moves.