13 September 2008


It occurred to me that life occurs in stages. Duh. Yes, obviously that is true. Most of the time, there is a big life-changing event that triggers the next phase. There's the usual graduation, moving to a new house, moving overseas, death, marriage, having children. However, there are also phases that are less subtle than that.

The other day I was just curious and asked my roommate why he always wears dark clothes. He then told me that it always came out black, whenever he went shopping for clothes. Not that he is a Goth or anything, but he currently is in a black phase I specifically asked because a few years before, I myself was in a black phase. Yeah, it was when I was in sophomore and junior year in undergrad, when everything I wore was black.

My previous post also has something to do with phases. When I was in high school, all the things I have read were classical literature. I only read books by Penguin or Signet Classics. Then, I entered college and started reading mass market fiction, where I got introduced to Stephen King. This coincided with me discovering the used-book stall in the mall. And now, I am in the contemporary literature phase, where I go to the library and borrow the books that just came in. So most of the books that I read at the moment are published within the last ten years, and I read them in hardcover.

Anyway, speaking of phases, I suppose that is a way the brain organizes one's body. They say that the pineal gland, in the very middle of the brain, is responsible for this. I suppose from a processing point of view, this is indeed the best system, since this way, the information does not get cluttered and convoluted, and the body functions well.

(Green Trees, from my Letchworth Park Series)

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