21 October 2008

Indian-Style Cognitive Dissonance

So I was in the Indian food place on campus this evening. My friend and I had dinner, due to the fact that Monday is the late evening day; my friend teaches, and we go home together, so chances are we have dinner on campus.

Anyway, we were in the Indian place, and we decided to eat inside instead of taking it to our office. The food was great, as always, but the entertainment was not.

The thing is, the diner had a big TV which showed Indian music videos. I have nothing against the music, but the videos were weird. I suppose I have this notion that the music and the video does not match.

Well, if one closes one's eyes and just listen to the music, then it would be great. It would sound like very traditional Oriental music. It reminds me of harem music, you know, the type of music that I would expect belly dancers to dance to. However if one watches the music videos, then I get this N400 in my head, a huge cognitive dissonance, since the music videos doesn't seem to match the music. One sees heavy-duty motorcycles, skyscrapers, hip-hop wearing street dancers, and so on. Somehow, the scenery does not match the music.

Maybe it is just me with my stereotypes. But I don't know, the music videos are weird and funny, and somehow the music is too traditional to match it.

Or maybe I am just too reactionary and stereotypical.

(Non-Euclidean Geometry, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)

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