17 October 2008

Post No. 771

So, when I logged into Blogger to write this blog, I realized that I already have 770 posts that I have published. Wow. I suppose I have been doing this for quite a while now. So this post will then be my 771st post!

I suppose this will be an update of sorts. With this week coming to an end, I suppose I am on schedule, and the end of the week that marks the middle of the semester makes me happy. I suppose the fact that I was able to submit a term paper in mid-semester is indeed a happy event. My other classmates told me that I am making them look bad.

Anyway, here is what I still have. I still have one term paper to write, and that is for my neurolinguistics class. I also have three presentations to do: one for neurolinguistics, when I present this paper that uses ERP methods for detecting syntactic and semantic anomalies; I also have a presentation on quantitative methods for typological databases for my other seminar; and I am expected to do a presentation on my own research for that class as well.

I have a bunch of papers to read; this is never-ending, I suppose this is just the methodology when one needs to come up with a topic for an original research program, like the dissertation. I basically need to know what is out there, and what else can be done.

I also need to contact some people from across the continent; I need to read a paper on some topic which is written by a former student here, so I need to contact him and ask him for a copy.

The weather here is rather getting cold. It is not so warm, not so cold. I suppose walking around with my Ecuadorian poncho is the best thing I can do at the moment. But I know that the leaves will soon fall off, in fact, they are already falling at the moment, and then the snow will finally come down. Another year has passed.

I will be watching a play with a bunch of friends this evening. It will be the first production for the season by the Department of Theatre and Dance. I am excited, since they are performing William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I haven't seen any versions of this play performed before, and like I said in previous entries, I am bad at Shakespeare. I do not understand him. But I suppose this would be easier, since this is a comedy. I suppose I need to skim through the plot synopsis in Wikipedia really quick if I would want to appreciate this.

So I am reading a couple of papers for the lab meeting this Monday. I am so grateful that my being a student here in the university grants me access to numerous databases, including music. I could therefore stream classical music on to my computer and listen to them. Right now I am listening to Maurice Ravel's Le Tombeau de Couperin. Perfect for reading psycholinguistic papers.

(Lincoln and Washington From a Distance, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)


  1. I didn't realized you had so many posts! I think I have about 230 and I have been blogging for two years. Wow!

  2. Zhu,

    Yeah. I blog semi-regularly, with the intent of having a post every day. Obviously, this makes my topics not so deep, sometimes quotidian. But what the heck...