31 October 2008

Stabbing and Bleeding

I suppose I am currently in the zone. I am done with the first of my two term papers, and I am currently working on the second one. The second term paper is for my neurolinguistics class, and I am designing a hypothetical experiment for it.

I know, the frustrating thing about it is that I will not be able to run it, due to monetary issues. Neurolinguistics is such an expensive discipline, so all the people can do in the class is to write a paper involving an experimental design, but not actually implement it.

So anyway, I am investigating the way speakers process linguistic events, and so I am using event-related brain potentials (ERPs) to do this. Yes, this is the electrophysiological activity that happens inside the human brain. Oh, didn't you know that the brain emits electricity? Yes, it does. It usually reflects the amount of processing load that the brain undergoes.

Anyway, so I am designing an experiment in order to test how people process certain types of discourses, and in order to do that, I have a 3-way ANOVA designed. I just got back from the office of a professor, which clarified to me how I should design the stimuli. So there, I am back at my computer and writing away.

I get so peeved that I cannot run this experiment at the moment, given the fact that I have no access to an ERP lab right now. But I am pretty sure that my design is sweet, so I suppose all I can do is hypothesize what the probable results are and see what that means to human cognition.

Maybe I can get a position in a neuroscience lab in the future, and then I will be able to run this. But as of now, that idea is moot, so I might as well live in the present.

Anyway, one of my stimulus items involves an event of stabbing and an event of bleeding. And due to the fact that I have a 3-way ANOVA, and all factors have two levels each, that gives me 8 cells, so I have 8 types of stimuli that involve stabbing and bleeding.

How grotesque.

(Facing the Front, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)


  1. Stabbing and bleeding? Hum... sounds like forensic science to me!

    I bet no one wants to be the guinea pig :D

  2. Zhu,

    Haha. Don't worry, it is going to be cleared by the ethics committee. People will be fine!