26 October 2008


Warning: Mundane blog post!

Fine, you decided to read on.

Anyway, the other day I was looking at the tracker stats that I have for this website. It is interesting what that tells you.

For one thing, I know that my folks are still reading my blog even when they are on vacation in Istanbul. They are in the Turkish city for a week, starting this past Monday. I am pretty sure that they are enjoying the sights, but somehow they find a way to read my blog. Maybe there is an Internet access available in their computer. I see the time of their visit as always around 9:00 AM Turkish Time. That corresponds to around 2:00 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

I also noticed the different ways in which people visit my blog. Most of the people visit by pictures; it is always the case that it is via Google's image search. I wonder how they search it though, like what keywords they use. Because somehow I cannot find that out.

Some people enter because they search for "big breasts and wide hips" which is somehow found in a blog entry of mine from perhaps two years ago. I remember that as a title of a Chinese novel I read, two winters ago. But still people come and visit my blog looking for big breasts and wide hips.

Who wants big breasts and wide hips? I don't personally like voluptuous women, but somehow other people in this weird and eccentric planet do.

I notice that an average of 20 visitors visit my blog daily. Most of them are unintentional, like people looking for big breasts, only to be disappointed, since after all, this blog is not a porn blog.

But what if I experiment? What if I put in commonly searched words like "porn", or "sex" or "nude" in this entry? Would this increase my hits? I wonder if it does, how much? What if I have phrases like "sexy lady" or "nude woman"? And maybe I will add in some "nude hunk" or "naked muscle" so that people do not accuse me of being sexist or a chauvinist pig?

Let's see if my hits increase, and if they do, I will let you know.

Anyway, this afternoon, I spent most of it in a friend's house. We had a musical afternoon. A bunch of musically-inclined people gathered at my friend's house, and we played music together. It made me realize that I am bad at sight-reading. Really bad. I mean, I have to practice the measure a few times before I can move forward. I suppose I am a bad accompanist. The funny thing is, all four of us have strengths and weaknesses. If we were combined into one body, we would have been a superb musician. See, I am a piano player who is bad at sight-reading but good at counting the rhythm, my friend Cristin is a harpist who is good at sight-reading but bad at the violin, my friend Ashlee is good at the flute but bad at rhythm, and my friend Andy is good at the violin but bad at counting as well. If all of us were combined in one body, we could be one good violinist-pianist-harpist-flutist.

Anyway, obviously, that is impossible. But the afternoon was still fun. We played a bunch of pieces orchestrated for a bunch of combinations between the four of us.

And after that, we had a home-cooked dinner and then we watched the movie Bleu starring Juliette Binoche. It was a rather interesting movie. Pretty good soundtrack as well.

(Raising the Flag, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)

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