24 October 2008

Étude in A Minor, Op. 25, No. 11

If you are familiar with this piece, then I suppose you will understand why I have this as my title.

One has two bars of pianissimo, outlining what will occur in the next coming minutes. Then a forte of notes come flurrying by, together with the heavy left hand carrying the melody.

It started to snow the evening of the day before yesterday. And yesterday morning, it was snowing as well. I suppose the winter wind has started to blow. Friends of mine who originally came from warmer parts of the country are now hurrying to buy window scrapers, so that when the snow falls and accumulates on their windshields, they would be able to scrape it off.

Anyway, yes, I started wearing my winter coat again for the season, starting yesterday. I turned on the heat in my house the other night. Winter is back, for the fourth time around.

In other areas of my being, I am in a reading spree for the whole day today. I was reading some papers, and I have a paper to read before tomorrow, because my meeting with a colleague needs to occur after me reading that paper. So I suppose that would be my agenda for tonight, after I pass by the market, since I need bread and some ingredients for food for the next few days. While running experiments in the Psycholinguistics lab this afternoon, I was reading. And it still isn't finished.

Anyway, I suppose I will leave you now for the moment here, try to listen to Chopin if you can. This etude will definitely feel cold on your skin.

(Facing the Soldiers, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)


  1. We don't have snow yet but I had to scrape the windshield for the first time this season. Yuck. Winter is coming.

    Have you ever heard of the Miserere in music? It's famous apparently... just read a book that was about it.

  2. Zhu,

    Hmmm, not really. I tried to look it up, and apparently, it is a rather famous musical piece based on a Psalm. Plenty of musicians have set it to music. But somehow, my curiosity led me to weird things, like fecal vomiting. Don't ask...