03 November 2008

Seeing Pilobolus

This past weekend I had a great time watching a dance company. I watched the performance of Pilobolus, and if you are interested, you can visit their website here.

Anyway, I first was see-sawing whether I would buy a ticket or not. The thing is, I didn't invite anyone, since it was still pretty recent when I invited a bunch of my friends to an event, which was when we watched Twelfth Night. But then, I went to their website and I suppose I made my mind to buy a ticket.

That turned to be a crucial moment, since when I went to the box office in the university theatre, the only remaining seats were the last row. So I bought one ticket for myself.

Good thing I did, because I didn't regret it.

The first time I encountered this dance company was when they did the introductions for the movies that was vying for Best Film in a recent Academy Awards ceremony. They were performing behind a screen, and they produced silhouettes of images from the films, which was pretty awesome.

Anyway, they performed 5 pieces, and everything was magical. Lanterna Magica was a performance of 6 people, four males and two females. It tells a story that concerns a lantern, and it has magical illusions. The next piece was entitled Pseudopodia, which is a solo performance by a male dancer, dressed in a red full-body suit, to the accompaniment of all-percussion music. Most of the time, the dancer was moving along the floor, not standing. His body was horizontal most of the time, and the floor work was extensive. Rushes was a funny piece, concerning a big yellow circle in the middle of the stage, and a series of chairs. The dancers moved the chairs around, and there was a dream sequence, where one of the dancers slept on the stage, and a white cloth was draped over his head, projecting images that are supposed to be his dreams.

After the intermission, there was Ocellus, which was a rather dramatic piece. The background music reminded me of deep oceanic sounds, quasi-heartbeats, and dark brooding silence. This was performed by four male dancers, who wore nothing except for a very thin dance thong. They were hugging each other, doing acrobatic movements with each other, and dancing. It was very protean. Finally, they performed Megawatt, which is a rather electrifying performance. They used hard rock music by Radiohead and other bands. The whole dance company seemed like they were having seizures and electrocutions. In short, it was a very amazing performance.

(Another Angle, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)


  1. I don't think I ever saw a dance company live... Must be nice. Although I'm more a music person, I wouldn't mind.

  2. Zhu,

    Yes, it was! Very enchanting, superb, utterly creative.