28 December 2008

Back in Town

So I am back here in Buffalo after driving back and forth to New York City. Me and two of my friends left Buffalo back in December 23, and stayed there for a couple of days, and drove back yesterday. It was about a 7-hour drive.

So, last Monday, we were doubting as to whether we would be able to go, since there were two snowstorms that just hit the Northeast. We were thinking whether the road conditions would be optimal or not. Well, I think I checked the weather for about five times last Monday, and that night, we decided that we would go ahead with our plans.

We left Buffalo at a little past 8:00 in the morning. I packed my sister's suitcase, my backpacking gear, a camera, a guidebook, a novel, and a snowshovel. I instructed my friend not to drive in front of my house, due to the fact that there were so much snow and the city hasn't plowed it yet. Instead, I asked her to park her car around the corner, where there was a street that was cleaner than mine.

Anyway, we then picked up the third person, and together we drove east. We took the Interstate 90 all the way to Syracuse, and then the small Interstate 690, which then connects to Interstate 81, and from Syracuse we drove down I-81 all the way to Pennsylvania. We stopped before Syracuse for a coffee break, and had lunch in Binghamton. After I-81, we took the Interstate 380 which brought us to Interstate 80, which was our last highway. We then took the exit for Garfield, New Jersey, where my sister lives.

Coming back to Buffalo yesterday was the same road, but in reverse. The good thing though was that the temperature was cooperative. It was around the high 50's and so the snow all melted away. I came back to my house seeing the lawn again, and I was happy. It made me feel that it was sometime around March, where the winter is over and spring is finally here. Alas, that is a pipe dream. In reality, it is just December. However, the good thing is that we already passed December 21, and so the days will be longer from now on.

(Soldier's Mausoleum, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)

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