06 December 2008

Closure cum Lake Effect Snow

So today was the last day of classes. Yippee! Although that does not mean that I am done with all my semester-related responsibilities.

Still, the fact that classes are over is a good thing. Time indeed moves fast, and so I sure needed to move along and work and be productive. Today was a rather productive day indeed.

I turned in my neurolinguistics paper today. It was supposed to be due on December 16, but I turned it in today, more than ten days ahead of schedule. Sweet! Now, I can just focus on the other paper I am revising for this semester, which I will turn in before the end of next week. All I need to do is do some recoding, which I will probably do this weekend, rerun my multidimensional scaling analysis, and re-analyze my data a little bit.

Today also was the second day in which students who are finishing their qualifying paper research will have to present their work. I did this last year, in which afterward, there was an incident with someone else in the department. Another graduate student, who was more advanced than me, asked me a question, both in the session and after the talk. Apparently, the way I answered that person was offensive, although I didn't mean it that way. In any case, I apologized, since I did not mean to offend this person, but somehow I was told that it was not my fault at all, but it is more of a quirk of the other person.

Anyway, that wasn't the reason why I am writing about this event this time. The thing is, one of the presenters this evening was a friend of mine, so I told her that I am buying her dinner after her talk. So we went, and together with two other friends, we had dinner in the Falafel Bar. It seems that this is the post-QP talk eating place, because a year ago, after the same event, a group of friends also went to this place to have dinner on a Friday night.

So there, we had dinner, and by the time we were heading home, we encountered some heavy-duty lake effect snow. The weather forecast actually gave a heavy warning, so we decided to avoid the highways and instead drive on the side roads, and we went slowly, way slower than the speed limit. The snow was so heavy, and the clouds were so dark and thick. The good thing is that the warning is only supposed to last until 1:00 AM tomorrow morning. Good thing, meaning this wouldn't pile up, but that means I need to shovel first thing in the morning.

Oh well, that's my excuse for an exercise. Anyway, I am hoping that tomorrow is a good day, since I have plans to go castle-hunting tomorrow with two of my friends. We are planning on crossing the border again, but this time, just to Hamilton, Ontario. We're planning on visiting a few sites across the border and getting back in again.

(Amphitheater for the Dead, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)


  1. Snowed here too, weather is a bit crazy but not too bad so far.

    Any plans for the holidays?

  2. Zhu,

    Yes. I have some plans, but they aren't grandiose. So far, the only concrete one is me heading down to New York City around the holiday season and spending time with my sister. I won't be jet-setting anywhere this winter, but I'll possibly be doing small daytrips and roadtrips around the area perhaps.