03 December 2008


I hate myself for the fact that today is the second day that I was daydreaming. By this I meant not sitting down and doing what I was supposed to do.

Yesterday, I did the same. But then, I suppose my Monday schedule was very conducive for daydreaming, because I have multiple events delimited by one-hour breaks, and sometimes, these one-hour breaks aren't enough to be in the zone and actually provide time to work. It's just enough to check one's emails, answer them, grade a couple of papers, and then voila! The next thing in the schedule is already up.

Today, however, was not supposed to be like that. After 12:30 PM, I basically had the whole afternoon for work. But then my mind was dwelling somewhere, and the fact that my most impending work was rather not too engaging, I couldn't help but be distracted.

I am supposed to revise this one last paper for the semester. The due date for this one is sometime in the next two weeks, and I basically have everything I need to revise it, but the thing is, it isn't really in my alley with regard to the topic, which is not an excuse I know it. It's one of those things in which after I turn in the paper, I am done with it. I don't see myself doing work on it, but still, in order to be a good student, I need to learn it.

I promise myself that tomorrow would be a different day. Tomorrow, after 12:00 PM, I have the whole afternoon to work on it. I have no more appointments after that, and the next thing on my calendar will only be the UB Symphony Orchestra concert which is in the evening, in which my friend will be the harpist. So I basically have the whole afternoon to work on revising my paper.

Yesterday and today, I spent the day instead planning for trips, both factual and fictitious, itineraries of trips I have on my wishlist, like checking the weather for Egypt and Tanzania, and checking the hours and admission fees of houses in the National Register of Historic Places, and checking the map where the covered bridges in Pennsylvania are. A friend of mine told me once that I have somehow missed my calling as a travel agent. I think it is true. But what can I do? I also love my work here.

Anyway, I should have enough time to work. After this week, there is the Finals Week, but I don't have any exams to take. After revising this paper, which I hope to be done by the weekend, then all I have to do is the revision of my qualifying paper, and research for the dissertation topic. Winter Break is fast coming along, but somehow I am not looking forward to it. I do have some days in which I have allotted to take off, such as heading down to New York City to visit my sister and build her new bed, but otherwise, Winter Break means work. Of course, I have a few days in which I plan to just relax and take pictures. That means more photo albums, but I am afraid I won't be posting them here until next year. After all, I still am on my Washington DC pictures, and come to think of it, I took these photos exactly a year ago.

(Garden of the Dead, from my Arlington Cemetery Series)


  1. Sometimes when embroiled daily in the same project, it's important to go on these flights of fancy. I'm in the middle of rebuilding a site that's grown organically over five years from the ground up, which is quite intense. So from time to time I do go off and do something completely different, even if it's daydreaming, because that leaves space for the work to happen. It doesn't all have to be about work. :)

    Btw, your site came up on one of the google alerts I have for various history topics, but I'll go have a look around now. A long time ago I had a degree in German and French so I think I'll find something interesting here. :)

    I left the url of my history site -- the one I am revamping -- but I also have a blog at www.annwn.com. Pleased to meet you!

  2. Linda,

    Very true, very true. After all, variety is a good thing, so yes, I do daydream from time to time, but I always watch myself so that it isn't the only thing I do every time!