23 January 2009


The semester is just two weeks over, and yet things are already moving forward, very fast. Very busy too.

So I just had a meeting with the professor that I am a research assistant to, and I had a meeting with my adviser as well. The results of those meetings are very busy schedules for the future.

I have a stack of papers that I need to read: the last two classes that I am taking are both heavy-reading classes, so I already printed all the papers that are required, and it also used up all of my print quota. My print quota is worth 600 pages, or about 30.00 USD, but I paid 13.00 USD extra already. I now have two piles of papers in my office, one for each of my classes.

After meeting with the professor that I am research assistant to, I had additional work with regard to his research. I am now designing an experiment to test some hypotheses and right now, I will be designing stimuli for a 6-list experiment, including fillers. But I don't want to talk about the details here, it's more of not counting the chickens until they are hatched sort of thing.

Then I had a meeting with my adviser for my dissertation. I will then be brain-storming for possible ways of extending what I have been doing so far, utilizing the resources I can possibly tap here. There is a lab in the next building, the one I am participating in, where we can actually measure lots of different stuff, from offline experiments to high-tech experiments that involve measuring reading time and reaction time, and we have equipment to measure eye movements as well. And if I really need it, I may also tap into another lab in the university where they do ERP research, where I can actually hook up the heads of participants and measure their brain waves. That would be sexy.

Anyway, I have a lot of things on my plate. It is just the second week of the semester, and yet things are already piling up. Tough life, but then again, I like what I am doing, so I am not complaining.

(Obelisk, from my Mount Vernon Series)