04 January 2009

Frozen Weekends

I suppose the fact that it is currently winter break makes me relax a little. It used to be the case that I would be in my office at least on a Saturday or a Sunday. Weekends usually are reserved for my house chores, such as laundry, and when I finish doing it on one of those days, then I usually go to my office to work.

But then, the university is conserving its power to they don't heat the offices during weekends, so I figured I would take that as an excuse to not go to campus. Sometimes, I still bring work at home, but I just cannot find my house to be a conducive location of intellectual activity.

The other night, which was New Year's Eve, I was rather jetlagged, without actually flying. Maybe it was holiday-lagged. My good friend and I rented four movies, and we watched three of them way past midnight. I got to bed at around 3AM, and woke up at around 8 AM. We had breakfast, then watched the fourth one, and did some stuff. Obviously, we felt tired during the day, so we decided to take a nap. This was already around 1 PM. However, that nap took longer than expected, and so we woke up around 6 PM. We fixed dinner, and I went home.

Of course, I was wide awake in the evening.

I stalked people online, I read articles in Wikipedia, I read my novel, I even planned a trip to Guatemala. How fascinating the mind is, the imagination goes wild, and one can write tomes and tomes of books describing the human imagination. I have mentioned before that I won't be taking any vacation trips this year due to certain priorities, but just planning a trip without actually taking it is fun as well. I am so happy that the age of the Internet is here. If I were born fifty years earlier, I would not have this luxury.

So yeah, did you know that it is cheaper to fly to Guatemala from where I am than to Honolulu? A flight to Honolulu costs about 200 USD more than a flight to Guatemala City from Buffalo. I would need a visa to go there, but that is just 25 USD. Lonely Planet tells me that I can survive there for about 30 USD a day. And they have amazing Mayan ruins to entertain me. I could easily spend two weeks exploring the country.

Oh well, that's another pipe dream. Maybe in the distant future, perhaps. For now, I should be content in seeing Berkeley, California. That reminds me that I should prepare my slides and I have just about 5 weeks to do it. I actually borrowed the Beamer manual so I can figure out how to make slides without using Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead, I will be using LaTeX, but I haven't tried making one using LaTeX's Beamer package.

Oh, guess what? I have a new photo series. I got sick of my Arlington Cemetery photos. Good thing that was the end of it. Here's a collection of photos taken from George Washington's house in Mount Vernon.

(The Path, from my Mount Vernon Series)


  1. Hahaha... you're funny... jet lagged without flying; and planning travels without traveling. :) The last one sounds brilliant... I think I'll plan a trip to Spain... baka magkatotoo. :)

  2. Toe,

    Bakit? Masama ba ang mangarap? Hehe. Sige, Spain, maganda rin yan. Actually, may plano akong itinerary diyan. Traipsing around Andalucia, visiting Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, and Sevilla. But then again, that is for another future.