15 January 2009

Lowest on Record

For my whole life, I think I have never experienced a day as cold as today. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are three days in which it is predicted we will experience record-breaking cold weather.

For instance, right now, at 3:00 PM, the temperature is between -13 and -18 Centigrade. That translates to between 9 and 0 Fahrenheit. There is a wind chill warning, coupled with a frostbite warning. And I am supposed to be happy, since there are other locations that are supposed to be colder than Buffalo, like Minnesota for example, where the temperatures have reached -20 Fahrenheit. That's one condition where one can freeze within ten minutes of outside exposure.

So I have been thinking of past instances in which I was exposed to extreme temperatures. I suppose this is the first for me. This is the coldest I have experienced so far. Yes, I lived in Denver for two years back in the 80's, but I was a toddler and I do not remember anything back then. The hottest I have experienced perhaps are certain days in Manila, where it would reach about 37 Centigrade, or about 99 Fahrenheit.

Should I say I can go and endure the weather in a gulag? Maybe not, but I am sure these weather conditions for the past few days are a close approximation.

(Presidential Sheep, from my Mount Vernon Series)


  1. kami din dito, nilalamig. nagagamit ang mga jacket at longsleeves. hindi na gumagamit ng aircon!

  2. Diosa,

    Pambihira ka. You guys will never know what the real meaning of cold is until you feel what 0 Fehrenheit feels like. Jacket at longsleeves? Wala iyan dito!

  3. Sorry to hear that...

    I ust say I`m happy to be traveling. Europe is extremely cold right now too.

  4. Zhu,

    Good for you! I know, if only I can escape this cold as well, I would be happy, but there are some constraints at the moment. That's why I have these awesome ideas of trips that I would not be implementing anytime soon, such as traipsing in Guatemala or in Borneo.