22 January 2009

Motivating Change

I need to lose weight. Not that I am obese or anything; in fact, those obese people on reality television still have much weight compared to me. However, I am not at my finest at the moment, and I want to change that.

The thing is, back in 2006, people were surprised that I was rather lean, including my mom. Then when I visited them again last year, they were surprised that I gained weight. Not only that, in 2007, when I was in Manila, my friends also remarked that I gained weight.

So I suppose it is time to take the pounds off. However, I have had trouble finding the motivation to do it. Do I want to lose weight to feel good? Well, I don't know about that. Do I want to lose weight because I want to have an attractive body? I don't know about that either.

But, I finally found motivation.

The other day, I wasn't able to sleep due to the fact that I made the mistake of drinking coffee late in the afternoon. Because of that, I was wide awake, surfing the Internet. I then did what I usually do to kill time, that is, plan a vacation that I would not take in the near future.

This time, it took me to Borneo. I could easily fly to Kuching, do some sight-seeing, then go to Kota Kinabalu, and finally, proceed to Bandar Seri Begawan, thereby adding Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam to my collection of visited countries. And somewhere there, I could hike Mount Kinabalu. Mount Kinabalu is 4,095 meters high and can be hiked in a couple of days. I then surfed some mountaineering sites, and the common itineraries that people do.

They also emphasized that physical fitness is a good asset.

Thus, I have found my motivation. I need to be physically fit before I climb Mount Kinabalu, whenever that may be. I suppose I would revert back to my vegetarian diet back in 2005-2006, since that was rather effective. I don't really want a body to show off to others, but I want a body that could take me to places, including mountain tops.

(Finding the New Grave, from my Mount Vernon Series)


  1. Hmmmm ...maybe falling in love is more effective than trying to climb a mountain... ;-)

  2. I need some motivation to get back into shape. But the story you describe serves to me as a motivation to find a better job (and thus have more money to travel) he he!

  3. Final Transit,

    Wel, if it works for you, then go ahead! I know, if only I have the money to travel further, I would go to Guatemala to escape this weather.