15 January 2009

Must Be The Water

So, it is three days into the semester, and things have been busy again. There are lots of things to do, lots of things to read, and lots of things to take care of. I already attended my first of two classes for the semester yesterday, and the other class I have will be this Friday.

I already printed the reading material for the first class, and I am slowly knocking them down.

Then, there are a few surprises that happened during this Winter Break. I suppose this past break was a fruitful period that is conducive for romance. Why do I say that? It is because at least three people in the department got engaged.

It seems that everyone around me are catching the love bug. I wonder why is that. Maybe it is the water. Because if it is, then I would want to avoid it so I don't get engaged myself. I don't think I need another thing to get busy about at this moment. I always say that romance is like a supply and demand. If there is demand, then I would supply it. At this point, there isn't one yet.

I suppose I am just amazed that more and more people I know go through this stage in their life by this time. Of course, before, we were just kids, playing around the corner, going to school, and now some of us are now getting married and having a family.

(Barn Gate, from my Mount Vernon Series)

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