11 January 2009

My Blogroll Does Not Roll

I hate it when I am stuck. And now, I am stuck at one certain trivial thing. My blogroll. I have this blogroll on the side, and when it functions, I like it. I only insert one code, and all of my blogs that I read show up. That's a good thing, instead of actually typing all the codes for the different blogs that I read.

However, for a couple of weeks now, my blogroll is under construction. They are revamping the website for what seems like ages now. Therefore, I cannot edit my blogroll! I want to edit it so much, like put new links in and take old links out, but I cannot. I have a couple of new blogs that I want to put in, and a few blogs that are outdated and I want to take out, but due to the fact that they are renovating the program, I cannot do so. And it's been more than two months!

Is it that hard? I know I am not a programmer, but there are tons of programmers out there! Anybody, give Blogrolling.com a solution!

Ok, that was selfish, but I needed to rant.

(Porch, from my Mount Vernon Series)


  1. nahanapan mo na ba ng solusyon ito? huwag mo muna akong tatanggalin sa list mo ha. balik-blogging ako. hehehe.

  2. Dyosa,

    Welcome back! Buti naman at bumalik ka.