19 January 2009

Visiting Southeast Pennsylvania Part I

I figured that I should stop this habit of going to places and mentioning I have been to those places, without actually showing what I saw in those places. I guess the last time I made a trip report was back in the summer, when I went to Peru and saw Machu Picchu. Or was it when I went to Denmark and Hungary? I cannot remember.

So anyhow, this post will be about my short stay in southeast Pennsylvania, where I spent 4 days with a friend.

We began the trip by simply driving from Buffalo to Reading on Thursday, January 8. Nothing special happened on this date. We left town shortly after eating brunch, and so by noon, we were already on the road. We took New York Route 400, passing through East Aurora, and then we took US 20A heading east. That took us all the way to Interstate 390, which we took, passing Corning and Binghamton. When we got to Binghamton, we switched to Interstate 81, which we took, entered Pennsylvania, and when we got to Frackville, we exited the thruway and transferred to a major road, Pennsylvania Route 61. That took us to Reading. We arrived around a little past 8:00 PM. The good thing was they had no snow, compared to us.

The next day, we decided to drive to Philadelphia. Philly is about an hour away from Reading, so when we left the house at about 10:00, we got about an hour later. It was cold, but snowless, which is a very good thing.

So, upon getting there, I took my camera out, and took photos. This is one of the things I have seen.

Yup, we visited the building where the Liberty Bell is stored. There are still plenty of people in there even though it was winter, but considerably less than the summer of course. One proof of this is that we didn't have to take timed passes to enter the Independence Hall National Park, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. By the way, yes, this bell is cracked. I just took this angle because this was the angle that I could shoot without shooting the people observing it.

Our next stop was the Independence Hall National Park. The picture above shows a statue in front of the building. Again, it has a weird angle, because otherwise I would have included the crowd, which I didn't want to do. I suppose by now you have noticed that I don't do people, I just do places when I take pictures. I may try taking pictures of natives once in a while, but why would I be interested in taking pictures of strangers wearing the same things I am wearing?

So we entered the building, and it was a guided tour, with a staff member of the National Park Service giving the tour. The shot above is from the courtroom.

The shot above on the other hand is a shot of the actual room in which the Declaration of Independence was signed. There is a lot of green in this picture. The ornaments and the implements in the room are not original, but the room was designed to recreate what would have been used back in 1776. You can see candles, feathers for writing, and inkwells that are laid on the table.

After seeing the first floor, we all climbed up to the second floor, passing through the blue staircase.

There were plenty of items on the second floor, including a full dining room, some other office materials, and as you can see on the photo above, a harpsichord.

Ok, so this post covered my activities from January 8 to January 9, ending at around noon time. The next post will continue the day, with photos from temples of secret societies and concrete castles coming up.

Stay tuned.


  1. Wow...you are traveling a lot !

    Always good to post some pics with the story... especially since your pictures are nice!

  2. Sidney,


    It's not that I am traveling a lot. I just grab cheap opportunities to see things. If I can escape for a brief moment the Buffalo winter I would gladly do so. Otherwise, I would be fermented here. Ever heard of the Tagalog expression "mababagoong"?