09 February 2009

The Meltdown

Finally, I am seeing grass again.

Starting last Saturday, the temperature here has been around the mid-40s Fahrenheit. That meant that these snowbanks that I have been seeing every day, will be gone soon. That doesn't mean that winter is over, not yet, but at least, these piles will be melted away and perhaps there wouldn't be anymore accumulation for the rest of the season.

But I know that is not likely to happen. All this is is a break weather break, Mother Nature giving us time to melt the snow, because who knows, sometime later, there would be another accumulation, and we would have no place to put the snow again.

But in the meantime, I am happy. The snowbanks are icky, since all the dirt remains and the snow melts. There are huge dark gray piles on the sides of the road, and these are basically dirt piles minus the snow. I feel like an archaeologist, since the melting snow reveals artifacts that have been buried for quite a while now.

(Embassy of India, from my Embassy Row Series)

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