04 February 2009

Perpetuum Mobile

Today was a busy day. However, there were plenty of things that I suppose made this day a little more bearable.

These things happen to be about travel, both real and unreal, actual and virtual.

First of all, let me point out that I have a new series of photos, which started with my post from yesterday. I started my Embassy Row Series, which, as you may deduce from, is a series of photos that I took last December 2007, when I visited my Russian friend who goes to Georgetown. I took a walk along Massachusetts Avenue, and had the experience of being in several countries in just one afternoon! I began with the Colombian Embassy yesterday, and today features the Blaine Mansion.

Another travel related factoid is that my favorite TV reality show is coming up with a new season: none other than The Amazing Race. Starting February 15, a new set of teams are again going to frolic around the world. I always enjoy watching this show, for several reasons, including seeing Americans with low travelers IQ get in trouble overseas, and see exotic locales and plan my next vacation, and just vicariously experience travel from someone else's eyes.

Finally, earlier today, as I was in lab running a participant, I logged on to Google, and was rather taken by my curiosity to use their Google Earth map function. Through satellite imaging, I saw the current state of my past habitation, in Japan. I saw my old school, which grew some buildings, and I saw the train station next to my house, which seemed to have been renovated, and I saw my old apartment building, and the neighborhood surrounding it. I traced back the route I always took every morning when I would walk to school, and I saw other places that I recall back from the past.

(Blaine Mansion, from my Embassy Row Series)


  1. I love Amazing race too, especially the one few years back about the gay couple who won and I remember the whole series vividly. It was like an emotional victory.

    You were 'running' a participant in your lab? What is that!!??

  2. Final Transit,

    You are a fan of Reichen and Chip?

    And just curious, why is it an emotional victory? I liked their season, but because I was extremely annoyed at Kelly and Jon. And I hated the seasons when Rob and Amber would be competing. I am so glad they did not win in both seasons they were there.

    Oh, and when I say "running" a participant, that basically means there is a participant who is being experimented on in my lab. Don't worry, no treadmill and heart rate measurements involved, no injections whatsoever, just a computer who records different stuff, like reaction time, eye movements, et cetera.

  3. hmm, Emotional because it broke lot of stereotypes about gay men. Also, probably in 2005 I was struggling a lot with coming out issues and it was encouraging to see a gay couple doing what I love to do: travel. :)

  4. Final Transit,

    Ah yes. Society has definitely changed a lot. And I agree, Reichen and Chip aren't your stereotypical homosexual. In the Philippines, gay men are thought to wear pink, get feminine bodies, and have loose wrists and joints.