04 February 2009

Taking Flight Yet Again

Yes, I am an airline geek. And whenever I fly, I have these trademark here-are-my-aircraft posts again. I did it when I was flying to the US when I first moved here, I also did it when I went to Quito and to Manila in the summer of 2007. I did it when I went for a backpacking trip to Peru, and most recently, I did it again when I flew to Denmark and Hungary this past summer.

So I am doing it again.

Next week, I will be flying to the other side of the country in order to be thrown tomatoes at. The following will be my mode of transportation.

First, I will be inside this lovely Delta Air Lines McDonnell-Douglas MD-88, also known as the Mad Dog. This will take me from Buffalo to Atlanta. This happens to be my first time to ride this type of aircraft, and also the first time to pass through Delta Air Lines' superhub in Atlanta. It is a huge airport.

Next on the list is this Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 that will then carry me from Atlanta to San Francisco. I have been to San Francisco International Airport 4 years ago, so nothing new there. This will also be the eighth time that I will be in a Boeing 767. Previous trips on a 767 included my trip from Osaka to Guam, New York City to Bogota and back, and Paris to Chicago.

After people throw tomatoes at me, I will then ride on this Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 from San Francisco to New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport. I have been plenty of times to JFK before, but this will be the first time I will utilize Terminal 3, where Delta keeps its hub. This will be the tenth time I will ride a Boeing 737. According to my database, this is the aircraft type in which I have the most number of flights.

The last leg of my trip would be implemented with this small regional jet, a Delta Air Lines Embraer ERJ-145. This will take me from New York City to Buffalo. Nothing new here, this will be my ninth flight in an ERJ-145. Both this aircraft type and the Boeing 747 is tied for second place in my history. We'll see how long they last in that position.

So there, once again, I am excited to be airborne. But then, I do know that once I get to the airport, the excitement will diminish, and sooner or later I will simply feel that this is just another routine I have to do, including the security, the boarding, the take-off and landing, and so on.

(Embaixada de Portugal, from my Embassy Row Series)


  1. I hope you like tomatoes ;-)
    Wow... you keep track of all the planes you travel with.

  2. Sidney,

    If you go to flightmemory.com, then you can make a database of your own flights. It records distances, airports, aircraft types, seat assignments, et cetera. It also does a descriptive statistics on your record, and tells you what your longest and shortest flight is, how many trips to the moon your cumulative flights are equivalent to, among other trivia.