01 February 2009

A Year's Worth of Backlog

This is the final post that will carry a picture coming from my Mount Vernon series. Whew! I cannot believe that it took me this long to finally post the photos from my trip to Mount Vernon, which, by the way, happened back in December 2007. And I wasn't even posting all of the photos I took! I was only posting the ones that I think were good, and the duplicate ones are simply stored in my back-up drive and not posted here.

So yeah, I have a backlog of about a year when posting photos. My photos from my trip to Washington DC aren't done yet, all I have posted are the ones from Arlington Cemetery, which was the previous photo series, and the Mount Vernon photos, which is ending today. My next post will have another series started, still in conjunction with my Washington DC photos.

Speaking of backlogs, I have quite a few of them at the moment. Well, it can or cannot be considered backlogs, but more like things to do. It is already February, and tomorrow begins the fourth week of the semester. There are plenty of things to do!

I am delivering a talk in about two weeks: my manuscript is already ready, but I still need to see whether I will go overtime with it or not. My slides are finalized by now, but I still need to print about 30 copies of my handouts. I also need to finalize the revision of my qualifying paper, and make it APA-compliant, so that the presentation of the experimental data is not all over the place. I also need to figure out the prospectus of my dissertation and see what I will be doing for this magnum opus.

I have just written a recommendation letter for a student, but I still need to print it in a paper with the official letterhead, so I will head to the department office and ask for some official-looking paper. I have a quiz to prepare for Tuesday, and I have a meeting with an unknown person tomorrow at 9:00.

The weird thing is, I like this state in which there are things to do. I remember hating semester breaks during high school and college, since there was no deadlines to beat, and so all I would do was read a book, stare at the wall, lie in bed, stare at the ceiling, wash, rinse, repeat. Boring. But, this deadline thing, it somehow makes my adrenaline go crazy, and it gives me a natural high of sorts.

I need to recharge my camera's batteries. I am bringing it with me to the other side of the country, and I am hoping to snap some shots of California. If I will base it on schedule, I will be making a photo series of those photos that I will be taking around March 2010.

(Path to Exit, from my Mount Vernon Series)


  1. It is nice to be busy...not too much...just enough to get the adrenaline flowing ! ;-)

  2. Sidney,

    Yes. Is the Philippines keeping you busy?

  3. I have almost that much too! I sometimes do it consciously, like storing oil for an year's supply...

  4. I have so many backlogs... believe me, you are on schedule!

  5. Final Transit,

    So when you are a little itching for travel and yet cannot do it, you look at the stored pictures?


    Thanks! Good to know!