23 February 2009


Time seems to be zooming by really fast. Little did I realize that it already is the seventh week of the semester.

With that in mind, there are plenty of things that are currently in my plate. I have a dissertation proposal to churn, and in order to do that, I have this schedule that roughly involves reading for 5 hours a day, and thinking for 3 hours a day. Basically, as my adviser put it, I need to establish a brand name for myself. What will I be known for? I have a basic idea regarding that, but I need some specific questions that I need to formulate and answer with the dissertation.

This week is also open house weekend. This means that a number of prospective graduate students are coming in for a visit. They will see how the campus is like, and they will see whether they would want to be here and study in graduate school.

I have a mid-term coming up next week. This is for my Psycholinguistics class. I basically know the material, but I still need to work on internalizing things, so that I would get a good grade out of it.

This is also the time in which I need to start thinking about my future. After this semester, I only have my dissertation to write, and so things are starting to wind down. I am not sure whether the department will be funding me for next year, so I am starting to think of alternative sources of funding, and what the implications of those will be regarding my living arrangements, my timeline with regard to graduating, and so on. There are a couple of labs that need research assistants, and I am interested in what they do, so I might apply to those. My adviser already told me that he would be happy to write a recommendation letter for me.

Oh, one last thing. Finally, I was able to file my qualifying paper and satisfy that requirement. I got all the relevant signatures this morning and sent the document to the main office. That means that it is sure that I am graduating with a master's degree this coming June.

So there, time flies. Things change.

(Former Turkish Chancery, from my Embassy Row Series)