21 March 2009

Appalachian Fever

Time to write a trip report, boys!

I am indeed back in town, and I have quite a few obligations to do. I need to bake a pie, I need to post pictures, I need to finish writing my trip report for Spring Break. Wow, I suppose that shows my priorities. No mention of anything academic?

No, perhaps academic obligations are already a given, so why bother mentioning them?

Anyway, the last time I mentioned my Spring Break road trip was when I blogged about Mammoth Caves. By the way, by going to Mammoth Caves, I fulfilled one of the sites in which I mentioned in this post. Yes, Mammoth Caves happen to be one of the places that I mentioned in my Itchy Feet wishlist.

Anyway, so we went to West Virginia after Kentucky. Did I mention that we were running away from a tornado zone when we were driving out of Kentucky? Yeah, the weather was fine, until it started to rain. And then the sky just turned dark, and the radio was interrupted by a weather announcement. They mentioned county names, and we didn't know which county we were in, until we saw a sign, and we looked back which county we just got out of, and thirty seconds later, we heard a tornado warning for that exact same county. Freaky.

Anyway, I am here to talk about what happened in West Virginia. We stayed for one night in Charleston, and the next day, we decided to wander around the State Capitol complex. We took a tour of the state capitol, and perhaps I learned more about that building than any other tourist in the area.

This is the Governor's Mansion. We took a guided tour of this house together with some eight-graders on a field trip. The interior was wonderful as well, and yes, I took pictures inside.

This is the library, and I like the way the light shines in the room. All the books are by West Virginian authors or about West Virginia.

This is the Governor's dining room. They actually are about to have lunch when we visited, so it was being prepared by people from the kitchen.

Of course, we visited the Capitol building, but the interior was very busy with people, and I cannot get a good shot of things. I tried my best though, so let me show you a picture of the dome from the inside.

I actually like the way the dome is painted. The colors actually are impressive and original in my opinion.

One thing that strikes me about this visit is that there wasn't any security at all. One can just enter the capitol building without passing to any metal detectors or security guards. The state was very laid back.

So there, after visiting the Capitol complex, we had lunch in a mall, and then proceeded to Pittsburgh, which was about 3 hours away from Charleston. I will see you then.


  1. Oh, I can imagine, running away from a tornado... sounds like a good movie moment! :D

    The capitol picture is fine. Looks very classic actually. I'd love to visit sometimes...

    I'm surprised about the no security though!

  2. Zhu,

    It was a movie moment, but quite scary too! And yes, there was no security, people didn't care if you went in or not.