03 March 2009


Have you ever had that feeling, where you really felt full and bloated, and that you cannot wait until you get to the nearest toilet, so you can strip down your pants, sit on the bowl, and take a huge dump? And when it finally happens, when you feel all that voluminous by-product pass your bowels and empty into the pool of water waiting underneath, you feel this enormous amount of relief?

I had that feeling this morning. But not because I took a huge dump. After all, you have no business knowing how big my shit is.

Instead, I am referring to my test, which I took this morning. I have this class that only meets every Tuesday for three hours. And today was the mid-term exam. For this test, I reviewed for multiple times, even forming study groups with multiple people in the class and meeting for three times the week before, bouncing ideas and questions against each other, testing each other. This resulted in me and the rest of the people knowing the material in and out, and I could argue for and against the different models that were competing for attention. It even affected by blogging habits. Why do you think I blogged about the organization of the mind for the post before this?

Anyway, so 9:00 AM came today, and I scanned the whole exam first. Yup, yup, yup, and yup. I figured I knew the answers to all of the questions. So I do think that it was a fair test. However, the coverage is just enormous, and so it took me the whole three hours to finish. I was sitting there, and writing and writing until I thought my right arm was about to fall off. There were times in which I was grasping the pen and I felt like I lost control of my fingers so I was moving my whole arm instead of just my hands in order to continue writing.

Before the test started, I wished to get this test over with, since I have this material in my head, and I just wanted to unload it. And in the end, I did unload this information from my head on to paper. I hope I did well.

So there, that was a good feeling. My working memory has free space again.

(Ambassade de Madagascar, from my Embassy Row Series)


  1. Pheww, I know that feeling, isn't there name for it? It's similar to what you feel when you take a piss after a long time, but not quite same ;-) Good luck for any more tests.

  2. You seem to be a very good and bright student.
    Good job !

  3. Final Transit,

    I really don't know whether there is a name for it or not, aside from some ultra-enhanced magnitude of relief. And yes, it's somehow related to the piss feeling. And it seems that that was my last in-class test. I only have a take-home exam at the end of the semester, and my other class doesn't have a test but a paper. So, it may be the case that this last test I took would be the last in-class test I take!


    I try to be. So far it's been working!