25 April 2009


For the first time this year, I have opened my windows in my house due to the fact that it is hot. Well, it is around 25 degrees Celsius, so it is not sweating hot, but still, it is hot.

I suppose this is just in alignment to my theory that even though I come from the tropics, I do not prefer hot weather. Everyone else here thinks that this is good weather, and to a degree I agree. As long as there is wind blowing, thereby resulting in a lovely breeze, then it would be great. But if the sun shines and it makes you sweat, then I hate it.

The thing is, if it is the winter, then all one needs to do is add more clothes, but if it is the summer, one cannot remove clothes. Well, another confounding factor is the fact that the better body you have, the easier the clothes can be removed. So I suppose I need to work on that too.

Speaking of which, I am slowly trying to get back to eating meatless. I was able to do that for two straight years from 2004-2006, but I stopped upon encountering Czech cuisine. So I better think of Borneo every time I need to make a food choice.

Ah, this weather makes me want to have air conditioning. The body scents are about to appear, although not as bad as in Europe. But in the meantime, I need to finish certain academic obligations I have. I still have a final essay I need to write, which is due May 1. I also have a dissertation proposal draft which I want to finish by May 4, and I have to write a paper for publication which is due on May 15.

Oh, I also got approved by the ethics committee to run the first batch of experiments for my dissertation. That would be sweet. Now I can get my hands dirty again.

(Venetian Scene, from my National Gallery of Art Series)


  1. It's funny to notice that most people who lived or grew up in a tropical country do not like heat much, even moderate. On the other side, people from temperate countries worship it!

    I like heat :$

  2. Zhu,

    I know. We always want what we do not have.

    I hate heat!