16 April 2009

Talking Vaginas and Banging Pots and Pans

So the university is staging a production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. Bad timing. I wanted to go, but then the semester is almost ending, and so there are plenty of things to do, and this is just a distraction.

There are also two performances in the Music Department that I want to see: one on Friday, and one on Saturday. On Friday, there will be the recital of the UB Contemporary Ensemble, where a friend of mine is playing. She will be playing the harp. I don't know the program yet. On Saturday, there will be the recital of the UB Percussion Ensemble. Both of these programs are free to students.

The Vagina Monologues costs 8.00 USD. I don't know whether the actors are good or not, but I had wanted to see this production ever since I was in undergrad. In fact, I have the book. And no, I do not want to see it because of talking vaginas. If I wanted my brain to send a command for a redirection of blood flow, there's pornography for that purpose. I wanted to see this because I am curious as to how a series of monologues would be performed. And back in my undergrad days, this has been performed every February, even translated to Tagalog as Usaping Puke.

Anyway, I suppose I have mentioned above the constraints that are associated with the competing events for this weekend. Two events are free, and one is not, although the event that has an admission price is an event that I wanted to see ever since I have heard of it. One of the free events has my friend performing. Let me compute the constraints and see what I would do.


Hmm, after some consideration, I think, I would attend the UB Contemporary Ensemble, and if I have some free time left, I will attend the UB Percussion Ensemble as well. I will let the battalion of talking vaginas talk without me for this year. I am sure they will stage a production of it sometime in the future, and I will just catch it by then. I'd rather enjoy the performance of my friend, and sit down and have some pots and pans banged on the stage. After all, it's a nice diversion from what I usually do every day.

(Among the Pillars, from my National Gallery of Art Series)

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