25 May 2009

Atmospheric Shock

So summer is here. I am having hot flashes. I feel like I am a piece of Chinese dimsum being steamed in one of those bamboo circular dishes, where they put boiling water underneath so that the dimsum would be cooked.

So I looked online as to the temperature here. Apparently, the weather here ranges from about 18-23 degrees Celsius. That's about 65-73 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh no, that only means one thing: that I have been here for too long.

Why? Because when I looked at the temperature for Manila, it hovers around 33 Celsius or 90 Fahrenheit. That means that if I am complaining now, I would be in pain there. Bad, very bad.

I need to change perspective. I looked into the current temperature of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Whew! Good thing I am not there. For them, the high temperature hovers around 43 Celsius or 110 Fahrenheit, and the low temperatures are 31 Celsius or 88 Fahrenheit. Ok, I will shut up now. I love this summer, NOT!

(Jackson Pollack, from my National Gallery of Art Series)


  1. Yes...it is very hot here in Manila... not only is it 30 C but it feels like 40 C !

  2. Heat... it really depends on other factors as well. France is always about 25C in the summer but it seems cooler where I live because of the sea breeze.

    On the other side, 35C in Brazil means "holy shit I'm melting" because it's so humid. Ottawa is very humid as well...

    Dry heat... can't say I have experienced it too much. I stay clear of Saudi Arabia :D

  3. Jeruen, I know what you mean, I think I have relatively 'cooled' too. Temperatures sound crazy in Mumbai, and the humidity makes things unbearable. Ofcourse, Toronto is located on the lake and we have a thinner ozone layer here but still I found yesterday's +30 deg a bit too much!

  4. Sidney,

    Manila is always hot. And humid as well! I know that, I've lived there for years in the past.


    Yes, I agree. It's not always just the temperature. Humidity plays a big part too, which makes you feel so sticky and want to take a shower right after getting out of one.


    Now I wonder what the ozone layer does with the temperature. Of course I am not a meteorologist, so I don't know.

  5. Funny, I just discovered that the following logic was built into me since highschool.
    Ozone layer > uv rays filtering
    thin ozone layer > more uv rays
    more uv rays > skin irritation
    skin irritation > annoyance with heat
    ...maybe it makes sense!

  6. Final Transit,

    Well, somehow that kinda makes sense. Ever heard of sunburns?

  7. yes ofcourse. It's more of a 'white people' thing. :P I just become a 'red Indian' by the time they are burning.

  8. Priyank,

    When you mentioned "red Indian", I immediately thought, "one little two little three little Indians..." Oh wait, that was Columbus's fault for not having a better knowledge of geography.