30 May 2009

Book Review: Crime by Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh impressed me once, so I thought he would do it again. But somehow, he didn't.

So a year ago, perhaps, I cannot remember, I read one of his novels, entitled The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs, and I liked that. And no, I haven't read Trainspotting before, but I am considering it.

So when I saw a new book by Irvine Welsh on the library shelf of newly acquired books, I picked this one up. Entitled Crime, this is a story about an Edinburgh police officer on holiday with his fiancee, in Miami. They were supposed to be planning their wedding, but somehow, Ray Lennox, the officer, gets entangled in a pedophile ring. The book basically is a story about how a Scottish police officer saves the day.

Now do I really have to read about that? I liked his other novel because it was literature. It dealt with a very interesting topic, with a very interesting "what-if" scenario. But this one? This book simply felt like it was CSI:Miami, in a book format. In some respects, this felt just like an airport novel.

In short, it was not profound. It didn't give me thoughts to ponder about. It didn't leave a lasting impression in my head. The only thing it gave me was a description of Miami and Southern Florida, which just added to my lack of desire to visit.

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