07 May 2009

Dinner Party

Yesterday was a good day. I went to a dinner party hosted by one of my professors, since it's the end of the year and she wanted to host a party for all of her lab members.

Now the funny thing here was that we were academics, but the atmosphere was very different compared to when we were in the lab discussing language processing.

I learned that one of my professors has a sensitive soul. I learned that one of my other lab members experience emotional turbulence sometime. And I was able to give my adviser a big N400, and the other people noting it as the best face of the night so far.

I drank beer again, after a dry period of 7 months. I just didn't feel like drinking alcohol and enjoying it for the past 7 months. I had a bottle of Kirin Lager from Japan. And for once, I enjoyed it.

The Indian curry was great, with yoghurt and peanuts, coupled with a varied selection of chutney. I didn't realize that the professor I work with also cooks well.

So yeah, it was fun. The food was fun, the people were fun, the atmosphere was fun.

Now I need to go back to work.

(Lions, from my National Gallery of Art Series)


  1. 7 months! wow. So are you on a vacation now?

  2. Final_Transit,

    Well, technically yes I am on vacation, but the work does not stop there. I have a dissertation to work my ass off.