19 May 2009

The Dissertation Escape

So, I am planning a getaway.

I figured, I will be here in Buffalo for the whole summer, without going to any place because I will be working my ass off for this dissertation. I would need a break by the end.

However, there are some problems. First, I do not want to spend big money nowadays given the fact that I may be anticipating a move by the end of the year, given the fact that my funding is running out by the end of the year. I may move somewhere else, domestic, international, back to Manila, who knows. I don't want to deplete my savings for a rainy day.

Another hurdle is my visa situation. I still have legal student status until June 2010. However, my US student visa will expire by June 2009. That means that with the exception of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, if I exit the country, I need to renew my visa in order to re-enter. Now that would be a hassle, because I can only renew it outside the USA and ideally, I would be renewing it in Manila, but a flight to Manila isn't cheap.

That means that this getaway would be within the USA, and it will be cheap.

I have an idea. And I think it will work.

Well, I already have enough miles on American Airlines to cash a free one-way ticket. That means that all I need to buy is the return leg. Also, I will try hosteling for the first time. It will be cheaper than hotels, with dorm beds for just 25 USD per night. Besides, this way I get to meet new people from other places, after all, the purpose of this trip is a getaway, remember? I need to forget my dissertation, Buffalo, the university, my current friends, and just relax my brain.

So yeah, I think I can do it. This will be for one week, say, leaving on a Tuesday and coming back Tuesday the week after. Simple as that. As to the location, that's my little secret, for the time being.

By the way, I already got my Lonely Planet yesterday. Let the planning begin!

(Nude Man Wallpaper Edition, from my National Gallery of Art Series)


  1. Any connection between the statue of the nude man...and your gateway? ;-)

    Enjoy the trip.
    Those visa's are really annoying !

  2. Cool new template!

    For hostels, try booking with hostels.com. I always use it, especially since you can read the review, and the rates are pretty good. An alternative is hostel world (not sure of the exact url).

    And for place booking, give a try to kayak.com, which I use a lot too.

    Good planning!

  3. Ahhh, very secretive! I hope you have a good vacation. Try going without microplanning this time. Its USA, what worst can happen? ;-)

  4. Sidney,

    Hmmm. No, I don't think so. I don't plan on seeing any nude male statues on the way.


    Oh yes! I have looked up Hostelworld already, and I think I have an idea of where I want to stay. I can see that you also are an expert traveler: you know where are the right places to look for deals.

    Final Transit,

    I can't help it! I already have a template in my PC and all I need to do is fill in the dates, times, addresses, opening hours, and admission fees. I know that it is the USA, but still...