20 May 2009


So, I changed things around here a bit. I suppose I haven't changed my blog theme for the longest time. It used to be that I changed my blog theme every six months. Blogger wasn't part of Google by then, and so it was very easy to change things around, especially since the XML themes weren't around yet.

Funny, because I remember having a lot of fancy stuff in the page. It used to be the case that I also had a music player on my blog. There would be an mp3 player that would initiate when one views this. Some people found that annoying, so I took it off. Besides, that looked a little over the top too.

Then, I found the Arctic mountain climbing theme. Somehow, that ended up as my blog theme for two years.

Oh well, Memoirs of a Linguist has been around for quite a while now. And Year 4 is about to be concluded in a few months, so I figured that it was time to change scenery.

So I looked around online for blog themes, but most of the stuff that I could find are girlish, with curls here and there, and it wasn't my type. But, I found this. It still follows the traveling theme, with a historical flare to it. So I suppose this would be my theme for the next year or so.


(Whisper, from my National Gallery of Art Series)


  1. Ah, I like this theme. It is more involving than arctic ice i guess! Plus it has maps n stuff on it, my favorite and very cool. I think it adds meaning to your writing too.

    But dude, isn't it time to hop over to wordpress? :)

  2. Final Transit,

    I'm glad that you feel more involved in this one than the other one. And yes, I do think that the theme suits the topics I cover.

    Wordpress... I've thought about it. Although I am still not convinced. I suppose you can convince me? Well, I may blog about that for the future.

  3. Nice new design!
    I would also suggest wordpress instead of blogger.

  4. Sidney,

    Could you care to tell me what is good in WordPress compared to Blogger? I have a post exactly for that reason, published today.