26 May 2009


Two days ago was a Sunday. The Sunday in a three-day weekend. It was a weird day, and I did totally nothing.

I wonder why I get these days sometime. Sometime, I just wake up, with the urge to sleep in, and grab some more extra hours of sleep. And that was what I exactly did yesterday, I just slept.

I had grandiose plans of cleaning the house, vacuuming the floor and polishing the bathroom, but it all did not happen. I just slept, sat down, and read my book. It was as if all the energy in my body left me.

Anyway, that is going to change now. I guess I just paid my sleep debts for the past week. And now, I am up, and I have work to do.

I suppose it would be interesting to see how the brain handles these motivational episodes. What is in the brain that fires that makes a person get up and do things? I suppose neuropsychologists have already figured this out. Say, you see a cake in front of you, what fires that sends the command to your limbs to reach out and grab it? And in a higher level, if you have certain tasks that you want to do for the day, what fires in your brain to tell your body to do it?

(Huge Chairs, from my National Gallery of Art Series)

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  1. Zhu,

    I'm so sorry! I pressed the wrong button! Your comment disappeared because there was one spam comment I wanted to reject and yours got rejected by mistake! But yes, laziness is good for a little bit, but not every time.