15 May 2009

Wrecking Havoc

I suppose the summer has started. Perhaps, the weather is still cool and pleasant, but the spirit of summer is here.

For one, nobody is on campus. I rarely see people around, and most of the people around are not students, but just work staff. However, I still find myself on campus due to the fact that I find it more conducive to work on campus rather than at home. I suppose I have the resources that I need on campus, thus making life easier.

I have taken residence in the library's sofas recently. I find it more conducive to read books in the library, sitting relaxed on the sofa, rather than crouched in front of my desk in my office. I suppose it is because the office has my laptop in front, which can be a major distraction, while the sofa is more comfortable, specially if I need to read stuff for the dissertation. Just as an example, today, I read five chapters of a book on mental models. I felt like I needed to read it because I deal with them somehow, but it is not the main focus of the research I am doing.

People are already away. When I was in the lab meeting two days ago, there were people who weren't there, such as students who went back to their home countries for the summer. I on the other hand am fermenting here in campus, but I suppose this is a volitional decision, because I want to have this dissertation done and over with.

But who knows, I might get too sick of this, that I might go and disappear for a few days sometime in August.

Anyway, I have had a lot of books read by now, and after I read them, I scan them and save a PDF copy. My external hard drive is being used wisely.

So there, I suppose I need to go back to work. I'll be knocking off books from my shelf sooner than later.

(Little Girl, from my National Gallery of Art Series)


  1. Nobody on campus... already? It's only May!

    Universities in Ottawa are still busy as far as I know. Looks busy anyway, I keep on going back and forth to give them more paperworks!

  2. Zhu,

    Why yes. The spring semester here ends at the end of April, and commencement activities are held in the first two weeks of May. So by now, there aren't any people left, except for those taking summer classes.