16 June 2009

Inspiring the Kitchen

I think I need a change in the way the kitchen is being run. The thing is, I really think that I need a change of figure. Yeah, I know. This is one of those narcissistic posts. And given the way my physical figure has been transforming over the years, I think I need to act on it or else.

See? This is how I looked back in 2006. This was one year of living by myself, and after one year of eating just fruits and vegetables, eliminating all meat products in my diet. Obviously, this is not a shot that I intended to be showcasing my figure (I am not a model, I hate taking pictures of myself, my mom when she asks me for pictures of myself, and I tell her that I don't take pictures of myself because if I want to see how I look, I can just look at the mirror). This was taken after spending 3 months in Prague, and there I was, lining up on the airport queue to check in for my flight back to New York. That pair of jeans that I was wearing in that photo has a 32-inch waist, and right now, it is sitting in my closet, since I don't wear it anymore. Oh, just as a side note, that white plastic bag I was carrying in that photo contained a replica of a human skull, which is now sitting on my desk in my office.

Now this is how I look like, a year ago. This was taken in Pisac, in the Peruvian Sacred Valley. The pair of jeans that I was wearing here are 34-inch, and I still wear them. I widened my belt by one button hole. Although I don't have a weighing scale at home, I am pretty sure I have gained something from the former picture.

Now, what do I want to happen? Do I want to be like this? Ehh, not really. That looks scary. On the other hand, I am afraid that if I don't do anything, I might end up like this. So yeah, I suppose given that it is the summer, and the weather is not my excuse to go out and reduce my fat cell count, I will try and apply some self-discipline.

Aside from that, I think I would go back to my non-meat diet again. I know I have been saying this for the longest time, but I suppose I haven't configured out my dopamine levels to the right amount to make it actually work. I suppose that I need a tangible reward, so that I can get my brain, and by virtue of that, my body, correctly motivated. Maybe this would be a good one? Climbing this would require good physical fitness.

So yeah, I need to go back and browse my collection of vegetarian recipes. And I will try and not buy meat the next time I go to the grocery store.

(Abraham's Shadows, from my DC Memorials Series)


  1. 34 inches is still not bad for North America. You don't look fat in the pictures!

    Food is quite unhealthy in North America, plus the lack of exercise... we have all been there!

  2. All the best for calorie management! I have growing concerns of slipping into 32 myself...

  3. Zhu,

    I know, 34 is pretty okay in North America, but I don't want to go any further.

    Final Transit,

    Good for you that you're still way under me. Keep it up.