13 June 2009


So I watched this funny movie entitled L'auberge espagnole, which tells the story of a French graduate student, who went to Barcelona for one year to study. Why do I find myself watching plenty of films set in Spain recently? Maybe it has something to do with a possible change of scenery?

But no, let's not go there at the moment, given the fact that nothing is sure yet.

Anyway, I saw this film, and although I liked it, I didn't even try to imagine living like the characters. I would possibly not survive in an apartment with 7 other people, with different living habits. In more ways than one, this movie was really a mélange of sorts.

Funny that this word, which means "mix" in the French original, means something different in Austria. My dad would always order a "mélange" after dinner, which refers to some type of coffee.

Anyway, speaking of apartments, I am showing my apartment to someone this coming Monday. Finally, someone answered my ad. Hopefully, I get someone who is decent, and not like the previous roommates that I had. It seems that I do not have luck with roommates, all the previous roommates I had were bizarre, and every time I think that nothing else would be worse than this, but then that would always be falsified. At least I haven't had a roommate which was as bad as a friend of mine's, which somehow apparently turned out to be a drug-dependent loser, who got arrested by the police. That's why I don't want to advertise my place online yet, my primary way of advertising is through posting flyers all over the campus, so that there is a higher chance that the person is also a student, and not someone from who-knows-what.

Speaking of which, I need to replenish my flyers. Unfortunately, I need more tape.

(Abraham, from my DC Memorials Series)


  1. Suggestion: Find a gay guy or a girl for your roommate. There is a higher chance that they will be organised and keep the place clean. The only rule you must follow is to never date a roommate. :P

  2. Before I forget, like your Abraham picture. Just the the night at the museum movie, and I think the same shot is used in it.

    Anyway, l'Auberge Espagnole is funny. There is a sequel, called "les Poupées Russes" (Russian Dolls), same kind of story.

    About ten years ago, as Europe developed, some international programs were created. The most popular one is ERAZMUS. It aimed at university students who want to spend a year studying abroad, anywhere in Europe. This is what the guy does in the movie.

    It is a bit of a joke in Europe because it's well-known that most ERAZMUS students party a lot (it's almost like a gap year) and get good grades easily (teachers are not hard on them, since there is the language barrier etc.).

    After the movie came up, Spain became the #1 destination for students! Used to be the UK.

    Most of my friends went abroad for a year, in Spain, UK, Poland etc.

  3. Final Transit,

    Somehow, I find myself agreeing with you. Although I have to say there are girls that do not know how to clean as well.


    Really? I thought "Night at the Museum" was set in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, not in Washington DC?

    And yes, I have heard of the sequel, and I think I am interested in seeing that as well.

    Hmm, it's interesting how a good-natured program turned out to be a party enabler. And I suppose I can see why Spain can be a good destination. After all, the weather is good, especially if you don't like winter.